We are proud to have a whitening formula that delivers optimal results without pain or sensitivity, and many of our ingredients have been carefully chosen to help reduce tooth sensitivity. Today we introduce you to the three main ingredients that we use in our products and explain a bit about why they are so special and important within our formula.

Phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid (P.A.P.)

Phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid or PAP for short, is our active whitening agent that whitens discolored molecules inside your teeth.

PAP is at the cutting edge of teeth whitening technology and is an organic peracid with high oxidation potential. Oxidation is the process that actively whitens your teeth by neutralizing organic double bonds that cause tooth discolorations.



Potassium nitrate

Potassium nitrate is a commonly used ingredient in toothpaste specially made for sensitive teeth because it has been clinically proven to reduce hypersensitivity in people exposed to things like cold foods and drinks.

We have decided to include this ingredient in our formula specifically to help people who have suffered from sensitive teeth while using other whitening methods and hydrogen peroxide treatments.

Sodium carbonate

Sodium bicarbonate helps sanitize the mouth and obtain a deep cleansing: it dissolves food residues, reduces the formation of tartar and rebalances the pH of the mouth.
Sodium bicarbonate is also known because it helps to obtain white teeth: its abrasive formula smooths the surface of the teeth while fighting against stains caused by food or tobacco. It gives teeth a real boost in no time.

Our research is so far unfinished.
Indeed today, more than ever, we are researching and exploring new ingredients to offer the best teeth whitening products.

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