Frequently Asked Questions

Divinity Withening kit

What is the Divinity Whitening Kit used for ?

It gives to your teeth a white and shiny appearance but in addition it respects your gums by protecting them.

It helps fight stains caused by coffee, tobacco, food pigmentation and many other factors.

You can earn up to 10 shades.

What does the Divinity Whitening Kit contain ?

The Divinity Whitening kit contains:

• A connected teeth whitening light, made up of 16 LED.
• An adapter for iPhone, Android and USB.
• Three 3 ml syringes of tooth whitening gel.
• A syringe containing a 10 ml fixing gel.
• A user manual.
• A Color Shade.

How do I use my Divinity Whitening Kit ?

The treatment can be done every day at any time of the day (preferably in the night), until reaching the desired shade. You will first need to brush your teeth using our fixer, then leave the connected mouthpiece soaked in our whitening gel for 20 to 35 minutes inside your mouth.
Finally, you will need to rewash your teeth using our fixer to add shine. It is important to reduce your consumption of coffee, tea, wine and cigarettes during your treatment, if you want to have good results.

Does the treatment cause any side effects ?

You will not feel pain or tenderness during or after your treatment. Divinity’s whitening formula includes a number of soothing and restorative ingredients with various antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, ensuring a unique and pain-free experience.

How long do I have to carry out the treatment ?

A person with very dark shades will need longer than someone with lighter shades to achieve ultimate whiteness.
You can therefore repeat your whitening treatment as many times as necessary until you reach the desired shade.
But on average, a course of treatment lasts 7 to 10 days.

Is it possible to make an intensive treatment ?

It is possible to make intensive cures up to 2 uses a day for faster and better results.

What is the shade guide provided in my Kit for ?

The shade guide is used to follow your evolution during your treatment.

How long is the treatment effective ?

Results can last up to 6 months. For longer lasting results, feel free to make 15-minutes reminders and maintain good dental hygiene.

For whom is the treatment not recommended ?

This treatment is not recommended for:
– Pregnant women.
– Individuals suffering from dental caries.
– Children and adolescents under 18.
– Individuals with dental hypersensitivity.
– Individuals with wear or abrasion injuries.
– Individuals who show an allergy to the ingredients mentioned.

What is the position to adopt during my treatment ?

It is advisable to always keep your head horizontal during the treatment. This allows you to reduce the flow of saliva and finish your cure without inconvenience.

What should I do if the saliva bothers me during my treatment ?

It is advisable to continue the treatment despite the discomfort caused by the excess saliva.

But if this is not possible for you, you can all the time interrupt the treatment temporarily to evacuate your saliva and then put a small piece of gel on the tray in order to use up the time remaining.

Note: However, accidental absorption of the product will have no effect on your health.

How to store the products ?

Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight.
Do not keep syringes for more than 12 months after opening.

Whitening gel

What are the ingredients that make up the gel ?

P.A.P.,Glycerin, Propylene glycol, Potassium nitrate, Sodium carbonate, Perox, Sorbitol, Distilled water, Mint flavor.

How to apply the gel ?

Apply the whitening gel evenly and generously to the top and bottom of the tray (at least 0.5 ml on each side).
Tip: Ideally, apply gel directly on your teeth.

How much use does a whitening gel allow me ?

A 10 ml gel allows you 10 uses, then 1 ml per use.

Fixing Gel

What are the ingredients that make up the fixer ?

Potassium persulfate, Sodium perborate, Sodium bicarbonate, Chloramine-T, Adipic acid, Bubble gum flavor.

How to apply the fixer ?

Just dampen the toothbrush with lukewarm water, then apply the fixer over it. Once the end of the bristles are impregnated, all you have to do is polish your teeth.

How much use does a syringe of fixer gel allow me ?

A 10 ml fixing gel allows you to polish 20 times, then 0.5 ml per use.

What makes the fixer different from the whitening gel ?

The purpose of the gel is to whiten the teeth, and the fixer will therefore be to maintain the result.

Why adopt the fixer on a daily basis ?

Combined with daily tooth brushing, the fixative will rebalance your oral pH to better protect you against bacteria and oral diseases.
It will also maintain the quality of your whitening treatment by adding an ascending shine.