Divinity Whitening Kit (Standard Edition)


The Divinity Whitening Kit is an innovation that aims to whiten your teeth while preserving your tooth enamel.

Our formula guarantees visible and effective bleaching in a single treatment, while ensuring our promise of absence of sensitivity.

Made of orthodontic silicone, the Divinity connected Led splint is suitable for the most sensitive mouths.

Fitted with 16 LED and an autonomy of 10,000 hours, the latest generation gutter combines efficiency and longevity.

An adapter composed of 3 cables is provided for use on your iPhone, Android or via USB.

It will allow you to connect your gutter in all circumstances so you can do your whitening wherever you go.

To maintain the whiteness of your teeth, a fixative with an innovative design will be provided to you, which will allow you to give shine to your teeth, but above all to maintain the results obtained.

You will also be provided with a color shade so that you can appreciate the progress made throughout your dental whitening treatment at home.

Now you can have control over the shade of your teeth.

1. Disinfection
Brush your teeth gently using the fixative, don’t be afraid to overload the toothbrush (about 0.5 ml per brushing).

This step helps to remove the unsightly layer, in order not to hinder tooth whitening.

2. Application
Apply the tooth whitening gel evenly and generously to the top and bottom of the tray (at least 0.5 ml on each side).

Tip: Ideally, apply the gel directly to your teeth.

3. Bleaching
Place the tray inside your mouth, being careful to place your teeth on the impressions provided for this purpose. Apply light pressure so that the tray is in good contact with your teeth.

Warning: Rinse your mouthpiece well before and after each manipulation.

Then connect the gutter to your smartphone, computer or Power Bank so that the blue light goes on.
Get into a comfortable position and keep your head up to avoid salivating too much.

Leave on for 20 to 35 minutes.
Finally, once the indicated time has elapsed, remove the mouthpiece from your mouth and disconnect it from your charging point.

4. Fixing
Finally, polish your teeth using the fixative. This step is very important and must not be neglected, it will give shine to your teeth and allow the result to be fixed.

Repeat daily use until desired shade is achieved.

An average cure lasts for 7 to 10 days. However, it is possible to do intensive cures up to 2 uses per day for a faster and more visible result.


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Whitening gel: P.A.P., Glycerin, Propylene glycol, Potassium nitrate, Sodium carbonate, Sorbitol, Distilled water, Mint flavor.

Fixing gel: Potassium persulfate, Sodium perborate, Sodium bicarbonate, Chloramine-T, Adipic acid, Bubble gum flavor.