Toothpaste Gold Edition


Smile confidently with Gold Edition by Divinity toothpaste, it promotes natural teeth whitening. It also helps remove plaque and prevent cavities to maintain your oral health. It offers complete care for teeth and gums.

The Gold Edition is well concentrated, it is not necessary to put a lot to be effective.

A small amount is enough for a visible and lasting result.
Renowned for its intense flavors, creamy texture and elegance, this whitening toothpaste will not fail to surprise you.

Dampen the toothbrush with clear water, then apply the toothpaste over it. Once the end of the bristles is impregnated, brush your teeth for 3 minutes and rinse.

Monofluorphosphate de sodium, Texapon k12, Sobitol 70%, Wintergreen Oil, EAE, Glycérine, Colorant, PEA, Mint flavor